ACU-Serve Corporation – The Industry’s Most Trusted Billing and Collection Service

For over 20 years, ACU-Serve has earned a reputation as the most trusted HME/DME and Home Infusion billing and collection service in the industry. The company’s offerings allow clients to streamline billing processes and comply with the ever-changing federal and insurance industry regulations, to collect more, faster.

Your success is our success

Although the industry and our service offerings have evolved, there is one thing that remains true: your cash flow is our first priority. As the saying goes “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!!” ACU-Serve continues to invest in technology and maintains a full-time development team. This ensures a constantly evolving suite of services to help your business collect every dollar it sells. ACU-Serve is the only billing and collection service to provide complete transparency allowing our customers 100% visibility into the work being performed using ACU-Insight.

Our team of industry professionals

Across all levels of our organization, we attract and retain team members who bring the right mix of experience and knowledge of the HME/DME and Home Infusion industries. We also make significant investments in technology and training to give them the tools they need to excel – both professionally and on behalf of our clients.

HME billing meeting at ACU-Serve, the premier RCM company in the medical billing industry

Corporate office is located in Akron, Ohio

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