ACU-Serve is powered by ACU-Insight

ACU-Insight, the engine that powers ACU-Serve, is a robust business analytics tool that allows providers to manage the revenue cycle with a holistic view. ACU-Serve developed the toolset to accommodate a client base with varied software platforms across numerous states and payers.

Work smarter not harder

ACU-Insight collects the data from multiple facets of your organization and delivers it in an actionable manner. By intelligently queuing up only the claims that need worked and eliminating unnecessary touches, ACU-Serve can reduce the number of claims being touched and in-turn lower the cost to its clients.

Improve profits through partnership

ACU-Insight empowers our clients to streamline processes and make changes that positively affect cash flow. By working smarter and continuously improving the way claims are managed from intake through cash posting, ACU-Serve strives to become a true Strategic Partner.

By partnering with ACU-Serve, providers are given the tools necessary to grow in today’s volatile market coupled with the expertise and best practices developed by ACU-Serve. These tools include:

  • Customizable view tailored to the User
  • Payer Trending
  • Top Patient count and $$ amount
  • Consistent feedback to help streamline intake processes
  • Employee effectiveness tracking
  • Tracking and Trending of standardized Action and Reason codes
  • Customizable AR reporting
  • Invoice level reporting down to the Line Item/HCPC detail
  • Easy change control tracking
  • Data mining / Business analytics with limited impact on current business operations
ACU-Insight Workflow
  • Utilizes business intelligence to allow us to work smarter. Using average days to pay as a baseline for which invoices to work reduces wasted time and touches.
  • Separate claims into work queues based on the product category to allow specialists with detailed knowledge to work the claims more effectively.
  • Ability to note invoices with up to 3 levels of categorization: action taken, reason the action was taken and sub-reason in case more detail is needed.

Easy, effective search tools

  • Search by a particular insurance type, branch and/or payer
  • Search for a specific patient or invoice number
  • Search for invoices based on days since worked, number of touches, days open
  • Search for exceptions only to avoid unnecessary touches

Ability to note invoices with up to 3 levels of categorization: action taken, reason the action was taken and sub-reason in case more detail is needed. This note is automatically copied to the clipboard and can easily be added to the billing system as well.

ACU-Insight Dashboard
  • Flexible, ad-hoc reporting capability with easy to read charts and graphs
  • Business analytics tool
    - Provides insight into your business
    - Provides transparency for how ACU-Serve is working for you

Common uses for ACU-Insight Dashboard

  1. Where is my money?
    a. Use the AR Invoice report to see aging information
    b. You can click on each slice of the pie to get more detailed information about the invoices in each bucket. Why has my claim aged over 90 days? Is there a payer issue, a contract issue, a transmission issue, etc…?
    c. Look at top patient balance to focus on high dollars claims

2. Use the AR Invoice Trended report to see if the number of open invoices and/or exceptions have remained steady or increased/decreased over time.

3. Look at work history to see how claims are being worked. This report allows you to see what is currently happening with your money.

    a. Review the most common actions/reasons used over the last 30 days of work history.
    b. Drill into an action – click on Rebilled to get more information about which claims were rebilled and why. Identify price table, payer or other issues with your claims.

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