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ACU-Serve Testimonial - Jason Shiflet, Home Medical Products

CEO of Home Medical Products, Jason Shiflet, shares his testimonial on the advantages of doing business with ACU-Serve.

Customer Testimonial - Home Medical Products

ACU-Serve Impact

Click on the video below to see how our technology separates us from our competitors. The data and analytics provided through ACU-Serve proprietary software, Clarity, allow us to identify trends that are negatively impacting our client's business and allow us to make immediate decisions to address those issues.

ACU-Serve Impact

ACU-Serve Overview - What Sets Us Apart from Competitors

Click on the video below to hear Jim Knight, our CEO, describe what makes ACU-Serve different from our competitors and how we empower our employees to make a difference.

ACU-Serve Difference

ACU-Serve Corporation acquires HME/DME billing and reimbursement service company, A Perfect Medical Billing

Akron, OH: ACU-Serve Corporation continues its impressive growth spurt by acquiring A Perfect Medical Billing Service, effective August 1, 2020.

“We are excited to welcome Terri Minnich and the A Perfect team into the ACU-Serve family. Terri and her team have built a very successful billing company with a proven track record of significantly improving and automating billing and collection practices and increasing client collections and bottom line revenue. Adding Terri and her team to our Client Services Department significantly augments our commitment to being a strategic partner for clients all across the United States,” says Jim Knight, Partner and CEO at ACU-Serve. “ACU-Serve is continuously looking to add experienced HME staff from around the country and is happy to have Terri and her team be our first New Mexico team members.”

“After working with ACU-Serve in the last year on a consulting basis, I could see that our core values aligned with giving our clients the highest level of customer service, which was very important to me as a small business owner. Once I saw the ACU-Insight, Claims and Clarity product that ACU-Serve developed, I could see what a tremendous asset these could be for our clients and how together we would be the “best-in-class” solution for each of our HME/DME clients,” says Terri Minnich, Owner at A Perfect Medical Billing Service. “I can’t say enough about the team at ACU-Serve, especially how everyone works together for the common goals of the clients and collecting more, faster. It’s truly a team that’s one of a kind. Me and my team are very happy to be a part of ACU-Serve.”

About ACU-Serve: For over 25 years, ACU-Serve has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted and innovative HME/DME and Home Infusion billing and collection services in the industry. The company’s offerings allow clients to increase cash flow and bottom-line results by streamlining coding, billing, collection and compliance to collect more, faster. ACU-Serve can help any medical provider that has an in-house billing function that struggles with intake, billing and/or collections. ACU-Serve was recently named a “Top Workplace 2020” by The Plain Dealer/Cleveland.com

About A-Perfect Medical Billing Service: A Perfect Medical Billing Service has specialized in HME/DME billing and reimbursement services since 1993. A Perfect Medical Billing has a client-centric model and operates as an extension of the companies for which they work.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Matt Edwards talks about some of the benefits to being an ACU-Serve partner!

Customer Testimonial - Edwards Healthcare

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