Traditional Outsourcing (Home Infusion)

In traditional Outsourcing ACU-Serve assumes all responsibilities of the provider’s in-house billing staff. ACU-Serve works with the provider to ensure all claims have gone through an intake and coding review prior to submission. After the claim has gone through the coding and charge amount review, ACU-Serve will provide the following:

  • Work with the provider to get all documentation, quantities, narratives etc. correct during intake and ensure compliance*
  • Transmit claims (after review)
  • Work front end rejections
  • Work A/R and Denials
  • Post payments
  • Conduct bi-weekly calls to provide feedback
  • Conduct monthly executive call and billing analysis
  • Implement ACU-Insight Dashboard to provide a transparent view of all activity performed by ACU-Serve**
*Additional Service Offered by ACU-Serve

**Powered by ACU-Insight

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