ACU-Serve has evolved from providing just outsourced billing into a complete solutions partner.

Outsourced Billing Services

Through our outsourced billing services, ACU-Serve assumes all responsibilities of the provider’s in-house billing team.

Our HME/DME and IV infusion billing solutions deliver best-in-class insurance reimbursements.

HME/DME Outsourcing Services

Infusion Outsourcing Services

Right Sourcing

ACU-Serve has built a “Right Sourcing” model that allows companies to keep their current staff and manage them using ACU-Serve’s proprietary software, ACU-Insight. Right Sourcing, along with staff augmentation, is a middle ground between “insourcing” or having an in house billing team and traditional outsourcing.

Our focus with ACU-Insight is to cue up claims to be worked at the right time to the right person. We use historic data and average days to post to minimize wasted time and only interact with invoices that truly need additional work. By eliminating touches and working smarter we can keep our rates competitive and achieve better collection results.

Right-Sourcing Services

Intake Optimization/PAR Services

Intake Optimization/PAR Services

Document Procurement Services

Document Retrieval and Validation Services

Special Projects

ACU-Serve has the background and staff to provide solution based project work specifically for a provider’s needs.

Special Projects

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