‘Results Matter’ is a guiding principle that shapes every aspect of our service.

ACU-Serve accelerates revenue growth for healthcare providers by significantly increasing clean claims through strategic and a true partnership.


We Deliver Innovative Solutions to HME/DME and Infusion Providers

ACU-Serve has an unmatched comprehensive approach, which includes delving into the root cause, ensuring clean claims through meticulous processes, prioritizing client education, and utilizing advanced workflow software to streamline operations and enhance efficiency and accuracy.



The typical response to healthcare challenges is often to allocate more resources. At ACU-Serve, we take a different approach. We specialize in optimizing your existing software systems and supplementing any gaps with our advanced technology. Our global team of highly trained experts is dedicated to streamlining your Revenue Cycle, ensuring swift and accurate payments and delivering Results that Matter to your team.


Our Results Speak for Themselves

Providing advanced analytics and workflow tools that empower your team to gain control of the revenue cycle. Unleash your team’s potential to recreate processes and improvement in your A/R teams! From handling changes with insurance plans and increasing payment operations and engineering, enable your teams to deliver the ultimate customer experience with the right tools with your billing platform.

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July Webinar-Compliance

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Does your company need a compliance program? Find out in this webinar presented by Noel Neil. 

A Few of our Partners

Client Testimonials


“ACU-Serve provides solutions and resolutions, not just billing services and outcomes. They identify denials and they identify them timely. They engage the payer to get resolution, where in the past we’ve seen we were trying to reach out to the payer or our third party was reaching out to the payer but nobody ever got resolution. Now what we see is this working relationship, that we work as a team, but we’re seeing the results. We’re seeing claims being paid, recoupments not being taken, and just results.”

Patricia Mastandrea

MedCare Equipment Company