Understanding Matters

ACU-Serve is a complete RCM solutions provider - with a heavy focus on technology, AI, and automation.


Nice to connect with you! I’m Brooke Renn, the new Sales Executive at ACU-Serve, with a rich background in the HME industry. You may already recognize me from my eight-year tenure at the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. (ACHC).

Like many of you I’ve spoken with, before starting to work for the team, I was familiar with ACU-Serve, having encountered its logo, and advertisements, and even attended presentations by ACU-Serve speakers at trade shows nationwide. It was apparent to me from my first interaction that ACU-Serve specializes in outsourcing RCM functions and has software that sets them apart competitively.

What I did not understand is how ACU-Serve helps its clients streamline and improve all facets of the revenue cycle.

It starts with the power of the technology behind ACU-Serve.

With its proprietary technology “ACU-Insight,” ACU-Serve tracks, trends, and reports on every interaction an employee has with a claim. The data collected can then identify the most effective way to bill specific claims to specific payers. Even more importantly, ACU-Serve can eliminate unnecessary touches and inefficient processes, resulting in cleaner claims and quicker payments.

Another differentiator is the consultative approach that ACU-Serve takes with its customers. This model creates the trust necessary for a true strategic partnership.

ACU-Serve has over 30 years of experience working with payors across the entire country. This gives us a unique view that helps with all aspects of the revenue cycle. ACU-Serve has developed “Best Practices” based on this experience and the high volume of claims it processes yearly. Using that as its base, ACU-Serve provides feedback to each customer to eliminate all unnecessary touches and in turn increases the number of clean claims getting released to the insurance companies.

This type of partnership and feedback is the reason ACU-Serve started helping providers with its front-end processes and responsibilities.

We’re here for your front-end responsibilities.

ACU-Serve was engaged with a large hospital-based provider on the West Coast, performing AR follow-up and collection services. As we analyzed the data collected through our proprietary software, we identified multiple ways to increase the number of clean claims being released to the insurance companies. (Clean claims do not have to be interacted with, between being released and then being posted, which in turn takes the burden off the AR staff.)

After presenting this data repeatedly, our customer asked if we could take on those responsibilities. Our teams then had detailed conversations, outlined the workflow, documented the processes, took our advice, and implemented the changes we had suggested.

From there, the ACU-Serve team took over the front-end responsibilities. This is now our fastest-growing segment and increases our ability to help HME providers across the country.

In ACU-Serve’s service offerings, the front end is defined as separate options—Intake, Revenue Recovery, and Resupply.

Here is a link to our overview that outlines each option to learn more.

Over the past five months working with my new team, I have truly learned and understood ACU-Serve’s way of true transparency and the benefits it provides. All ACU-Serve’s data is accessible to our customers with no restrictions through our “Clarity” system.

Of course, each provider can only see its data and is separate from other customers. Not only is transparency and visibility of an organization’s AR good business practice – it also contributes to a world of benefits in improving the AR and communication between partners for optimal success of the customer.

ACU-Serve is your trusted strategic partners in healthcare, there to help organizations streamline and improve all facets of the revenue cycle.

Through ACU-Insight, ACU-Serve can identify the most effective way to bill specific claims to specific payers and eliminate unnecessary touches, resulting in cleaner claims, allowing the customer to Collect More, Faster.

With full transparency, visibility, and partners who align with the company’s goals in mind, going the extra mile for improvements is where the results happen.

Understanding truly Matters.

Reach out to Brooke Renn at brenn@acuservecorp.com or (800) 887-8965 EXT 684 for further insight and understanding.